Lead Software Engineer

A data and user experience nerd, Anas R. Firdousi is a Lead Software Engineer and a Google Developer Expert. He is an active member of Angular JS community in Silicon Valley. He is a software entrepreneur, passionate speaker, trainer, traveler and humanist. He is into data flows, functional reactive mindset and data-centric modern web apps. He is passionate MEAN stacker and PWA hacker by the day, big data explorer by the night. Anas is also the founder of Angular Pakistan community. He loves learning, sharing and collaborating with open source communities across the globe. He is currently on a mission to create tech. communities and bringing JS/Angular events to Asia.

My Sessions

Angular now ships with service worker modules that makes building Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) easier than ever before. In this talk, I will live code the standard test app for PWAs “The Hacker News PWA”. I will show you how to build an impressive app by using the angular worker modules to score a 100 […]