How to score 100 on a Angular Progressive Web App Audit


Angular now ships with service worker modules that makes building Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) easier than ever before. In this talk, I will live code the standard test app for PWAs “The Hacker News PWA”. I will show you how to build an impressive app by using the angular worker modules to score a 100 on progressive web app audit and also how to customize the worker to fit the needs of your specific application. Hacker News PWA or HN-PWA is the modern gold standard for comparing performance and usability across various PWAs built with different JS frameworks. This talk will take a step-by-step approach of converting a regular app to an Angular PWA and then challenge the browser audit tool to score a max on PWA, Performance, Accessibility and best practices. This is more of a code show than a talk show – Buckle up as we take an information intensive fun-filled ride to the amazing world of progressive web apps with Angular!