ng-conf 2018: It’ll be a Spectacle

The Best Angular Conference Yet

The Angular team and the Angular community is back for the 5th time. Starting at the end of #ngconf2017 (8 months ago), the organizing team began planning next year’s event (we say next year, but it’s really just 4 months away). And if there’s one thing that we’ve come to expect, it’s that each year there are new surprises in store for all to enjoy.

Let’s break down a few of the things you can expect to see (as well as our personal wish list) at #ngconf2018.


Live Stream

Since it’s beginning, ng-conf always fought to become more and more available to all. On the day of the big event (April 18, 2018) at around 1 AM, the live stream will appear RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the ng-conf homepage. From there, you can tune in live and enjoy many of the same learning experiences as those who will be in the audience. And as always, the video crew will aim to get the videos online within a few hours from when the talks were given.

Live Transcription

One of the new-kid-on-the-block features is live talk transcription. ng-conf aims to be the conference-of-choice for all Angular developers and is bringing in a team to transcribe all talks, LIVE. This means that the content will be more immediately accessible than ever.

More 👏 Technical 👏 Content 👏

The conference organizers have really taken to heart all of the feedback they received from the Angular community in the last 6 months. Next year’s event will focus on providing deeper content around the most commonly used pieces of Angular. A poll to the community resulted in an overwhelming demand for more intermediate and advanced content for Angular. If you (or your team) is looking to level up your Angular game, you won’t want to miss the event. Day 1 and 3 are single track sessions, full of fast-paced presentations, covering everything you are hoping to learn about. These are the days when you will hear from the Angular team, as well as many of the brightest minds in the community. Day 2 is known as Fair Day and is a self-guided day of learning. You will get 8 hours of hands-on workshops and longer, more technical presentations about all things Angular (and a few non-Angular!).

Angular 6

We have no way of knowing the exact details of what the Angular team is gearing up to release around the time of next year’s event, but many of us are expecting that Angular 6 will be ready (or close to ready) for the community to start looking at and using. Among the features in Angular 6 is a new rendering engine, that promises to bury the previous rendering engine’s performance. Stay tuned for more details about Angular 6.

1980s Theme

As the date of the conference is very close to the release date of the movie Ready Player One, the organizing team decided that it would be a great time to do an 80s themed event. So tell us, what do you miss most about the 80s? MTV? Cabbage Patch Dolls? Back To The Future? The Golden Girls? Bill and Ted? Whatever your favorite bits from the 80s were, you can expect to see them at the conference. There will be a lot going on around the 80s theme. The following is an incomplete list of things we will see there:

  • 1980’s Karaoke Night
  • Best 80’s t-shirt prizes
  • Best 80’s shoes prizes
  • 1980’s themed talks (the submissions have been epic thus far)
  • Random appearances from some of your favorite 1980’s characters
  • 1980’s Music, Movies, Food
  • Many more

If you have anything you want to see as a part of this theme, reach out to the ng-conf team on twitter.

The Quest

Ready Player One follows the protagonists on a quest (think treasure hunt) through a humungous virtual online world called the Oasis. #ngconf2018 will host a quest of its own. The best prizes will be saved for those who pass the quest. Keep your eyes peeled for clues. You won’t want to miss anything going forward. Check back here for updates. In addition to the quest, anyone who wants to will head over to the movie theater to watch Ready Player One as a big crew.

More Food, SWAG, Hackathons, and Parties

It’s no secret that ng-conf is always packed full of good food, good prizes, great content, fun parties, and the best community around. 2018’s event will simply have more of all of the above. Two hackathons, more sponsor parties, food, food and more food. Food trucks. Food rooms. Food tables. Food hours. FOOD!

The Usual Suspects

And of course, you will see many of your old favorites from years past. Things like daycare, ng-kids (a 3-day kids conference for the children of the attendees), pre-conference trainings, plenty of arcade machines, snacks, drinks, coffee, face time with speakers, sponsors and the rest of the community.



There are only a few chances left to get a ticket to be a part of the live audience. With yearly budgets needing to be cleared out, now is the time to talk to your boss about flying to SLC in April and being a part of #ngconf2018.

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