Maxim NgWizard Koretskyi

Application Architect

Maxim spends his spare time reverse-engineering front-end libraries and frameworks. He also enjoys writing and talking about the findings. He is an EdTech enthusiast and founder of the AngularInDepth.com medium publication.

My Sessions

Some developers believe that Angular has different types of modules like shared, feature or routing module. They’d be surprised to learn that Angular has none. Using a simple application, this talk will demonstrate how Angular uses a compiler to merge all modules into a single injector. We’ll learn where lazy loaded modules fit into this […]

General Session

Do you know all the tools Angular gives you to work with DOM? You may have heard about the view container or even worked with some of its API but what about other UI abstractions like element and template references? In this workshop, we’ll implement a couple of advanced DOM manipulation scenarios requiring an extensive […]