Writing A Custom Angular Build


Do you want to have full control over your Angular app? Maybe the CLI isn’t a good fit for your project? Are you pulling your hair out waiting for Webpack to bundle? Then this workshop may be for you! This workshop is from 12 – 1:50 pm.

In this session, you will learn how to architect a custom Angular build. We will write a NodeJS script that AOT compiles and bundles an app. You’ll learn how to use the AOT compiler for development and production and see the benefits of optimizing with Closure Compiler. By the end of the workshop, you will have the tools to be able to implement your own custom build script for Angular.

Bring a laptop with NodeJS > 8.0.0 && < 9.0.0 and the latest Java SE JDK installed to get the most out of this workshop. You will not need to know any Java! We are writing our build scripts with NodeJS. Java SE JDK is necessary to run Closure Compiler in the last step of the workshop and if you don’t have it installed, no worries you’ll still learn a lot about writing a custom build!

For the best experience, clone the repository and install the necessary dependencies prior to the workshop. There will be time, in the beginning, to catch up if you haven’t cloned the repo yet. Find out more in the README.