Complex Forms Build Character

Grand Ballroom B

It often starts simply. You add an input field for a name, perhaps you add some validations for a password, and then suddenly, you’re grappling with nested forms and dynamic data. To create a smooth user experience, the form spans over multiple pages, where the user can save/reset her progress at each step. This simple form has transformed into a formidable beast.

For this presentation, I will start with a simple, prepared reactive form that allows users to create a role-playing character similar to ones you would find in Dungeons and Dragons. The form will slowly grow in complexity with a nested form and dynamic data. In order to get the most out of this talk, you should have basic familiarity with Angular’s reactive forms, HTTP calls, and the D&D 5e compendium (I’m kidding on the last one). As long as you know how to write a reactive form with an input field and a submit button that makes a post request upon being clicked, then you should be fine.

Participants may also choose to clone my github repo, so they may explore and experiment with the character form. May it serve as a reference for future form-building endeavors or perhaps as inspiration for a revolutionary role-playing game. Just send me 15% royalties.