Building awesome components with the power of the Angular Component Dev Kit

Grand Ballroom B

The Component Dev Kit is a collection of robust, well-tested, versatile and performant APIs that 7
are the foundation of the Angular Material component library. It is written and maintained by the
Material team and is intended to be a tool for building everything from small, one-off components,
to complex UI libraries that are shared across teams and products. The CDK abstracts away all the complexities
around areas such as content projection, positioning, accessibility, directionality,
selection, and gestures, allowing you to write components that look great and behave consistently across

In this workshop we’ll go through the available APIs, as well as hands-on examples of how you can
leverage the CDK in your own projects to build components like dialogs, form controls, menus,
tooltips and much more, without having to re-invent the wheel.